Welcome to B&N Contractors, Inc.

Oilfield Construction in Pecos, TX & Haynesville, LA 

About Us

Our History

B&N Contractors Inc. is an oilfield construction company based in Pecos, Texas and Haynesville, Louisiana.  We have served the oilfield industry for over 30 years and have established long term relationships with our customers by providing the best quality services at a competitive price. We have accomplished this based on our core values of safety, efficiency and experience.

B&N Contractors opened its second oilfield construction office in Pecos, TX in 2011 serving the Permian Basin of West Texas.

Our Specialties

B&N Contractors, Inc. specializes in oilfield construction, location construction, soil cementing, crane services, pipeline construction, pit closures and many other services.

Our Team

David Sneed, President & General Manager

Michael Sneed, Permian Operations Manager

Lee King, Permian Field Supervisor

Marylou Ramirez,  Permian Office Manager 

Susan Haynes,  Accounts Receivable 

Patricia Caskey,  Accounts Payable 

Connie Gray,  HSE Representative 

Justin Sneed,  Field Safety 

Kogan Wright,  Field Safety 

Eric Staggs,  Dispatcher