B&N Contractors strives to be a leader in the oilfield construction industry while still maintaining the highest priority of occupational and environmental safety. 

To facilitate our goal of being an industry leader in health, safety and environmental performance we provide our employees with the latest information and training. Our management works hand in hand with employees to promote a safety culture second to none. 

We ensure that safety values aren’t compromised, all work personnel are protected and provide a workplace where people are able to work without injury. We prioritize our employee’s health and safety and strive to create an environment free from fatalities and injuries. 

We train personnel to be aware of hazards, risks, controls and expected behaviors in relation to their workplace activities. We achieve this through job safety analysis, tailgate safety meetings, all-employee monthly safety meetings and extensive training for all of our employees.

Our Field HSE Representatives are Justin Sneed and Kogan Wright. 

They are certified in Safeland, First Aid, CPR, H2S and several key safety courses. This allows our employees to receive in-house training for all OSHA required certifications. 

For inquiries on B&N’s safety policies and procedures please contact:

Justin Sneed

152 Danny Mills Lane, Haynesille, LA 71038, US

Kogan Wright

HSE Safety Representative - Pecos, TX